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Dying Matters – Power of Attorney & Wills

Dying Matters Awareness week 2016 runs from 9-15th May 2016, its aim is to redefine the debate and taboo of talking about dying, death and bereavement and place it firmly on the national agenda.

The Big Conversation: Dying Matters Awareness was kick-started with a dynamic and informative launch event in London. With each passing year the awareness week has grown in size and impact, with increasing numbers of getting involved.

Our recent joint event with Age Scotland and Stewartry CVS at the Gordon Memorial Hall, Castle Douglas tied in with the awareness week. The event was well attended and described by those who attended as informative and fun. Yes, fun!

Earlier this week, Age Scotland and End of Life Study Group Glasgow University held a further event, a ‘Death Café’, at Designs Café, Castle Douglas.

Death Cafes are becoming more popular worldwide and are a means for people to talk openly about death, dying and planning their wishes. The hope is to dispel the morbid connotations and labels that come with the topic.

We attended the evening and were, unfortunately, not surprised by the stories and the issues that individuals have once a loved one has become incapacitated or died without a Power of Attorney & Will in place. It’s an all too common issue that we, as solicitors, see.  The emotional affect on families that can lead to break down in relationships between family members can be devastating.

We would encourage everyone to be as informed and active in death as in life! So if you’ve not yet made a Power of Attorney and Will do it now there is never a right time so do it while there is time.

For further information or to discuss making a Power of Attorney or Will please call and make an appointment.