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Buying & Selling Farms & Land

We, at Hall Baird, are experienced in buying and selling farms and land throughout Scotland.  We have contact with a wide range of professionals who can provide additional services as part of this process.  Whether purchasing or selling a farm or land the process is similar to other transactions. However, there may be additional considerations as you may be purchasing or selling a farm business which includes machinery, livestock, goodwill and an entitlement to receive subsidies.

Here at Hall Baird we offer the specialist expertise in agricultural law required by our clients. With personal knowledge of rural living we understand the constraints on your time and can arrange to work around your schedule. We can visit you at your home or place of work in order to give you the professional legal service that best suits your needs.

There are many legal factors to be considered when running an agricultural business therefore we also offer services in the following areas:

Agricultural Leasing

  1. The creation of, or advising on limited partnership leases.
  2. Short limited duration tenancies.
  3. Limited duration tenancies.
  4. Contract farming agreements or grazing agreements.

Landlord & Tenant Disputes

Advising and assisting both Landlords and Tenants alike in regards to:

  1. Rent reviews.
  2. Waygoing claims.
  3. Resumption of land from a tenancy.
  4. Landlord and tenant disputes.

Telecoms Masts, Servitudes & Wayleaves

  1. Negotiating heads of terms for existing and new mast sites.
  2. Site sharing negotiations.
  3. Assignation of existing mast leases.
  4. Rent reviews.
  5. Negotiating and finalising leases for telecoms masts.
  6. Negotiations with utility companies for servitudes for gas pipe lines, electricity cabling etc.
  7. Compulsory purchase proceeding for cabling, pylons and sub-stations etc.

Subsidy Appeals

  1. Initiating and conducting a review of any decisions of the Rural Payments and Inspections Directorate.
  2. Subsequent appeal to the Scottish Land Court.